1. fix, settle, confirm, seal; determine, decide, make up one's mind; will, purpose, set one's heart on; insist upon, take a stand, take a step; cross the Rubicon, nail one's colors to the mast, keep to one's courses, stick to one's guns, stick fast, stand pat; face, confront, front, meet, beard.
2. calculate, design, plan, project, propose; aspire to, intend, mean, have every intention to, have in mind, have in view, harbor a design; aim for, destine, bid for, pursue, set one's sights on.
3. break up, separate, anatomize, dissect; disintegrate, reduce, dissolve, segment; analyze, break down, divide, subdivide.
4. convert, change, alter, vary, transform, transmute, translate; metamorphose, metabolize, reorganize, reform.
5. explain, solve, answer, interpret; explicate, clear up, unscramble, unriddle, get to, figure out; unspin, untwist, unweave; decipher, decode, crack, break open, unravel; disentangle, untangle, Sl. dope out; recognize, realize, make out, detect, see through; uncover, disclose, unearth, hit, Inf. hit the nail on the head; prove, establish, identify, ascertain, find out; fathom, plumb, get to the bottom of.
6. dispel, disperse, scatter, dissipate; clear away, drive away, cast off, shake off, shoo; dismiss, put an end to, remove, remove all doubts, banish, expel.
7. settle, reconcile, compose, compromise; fix up, patch up, mend, heal; harmonize, accommodate, adjust, settle amicably.
8. declare, express, state, aver; decide, conclude; settle; ordain, adjudge, decree, enact, order, command; vote on, pass upon, choose to; pass sentence, judge.
9. determination, firmness, firmness of purpose, fixity of purpose, resoluteness, resolution; steadfastness, constancy, stability; strength, fortitude, will, will power, iron will; perseverance, tenacity, Inf. stick-to-it-iveness, indefatigability; indomitability, relent-lessness, inexorability, implacability; obstinacy, obduracy, stubbornness, intransigence; staunchness, steeliness, fastness.
10. zeal, earnestness, vigor, elan, effort; mettle, backbone, courage, intrepidity, grit, Sl. guts, Jocular. intestinal fortitude, nerve, spunk, sand; self-command, self-possession, self-reliance, self-assurance, self-confidence, self-mastery, aplomb; drive, push, persistence, pertinacity, doggedness; single-mindedness, devotion, dedication; manliness, hardihood, daring, derring-do; enterprise, audacity, valiance, gallantry, chivalry.
11. determination, intention, intent; aspiration, ambition. See resolution(def. 2).

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